• What is Integral Coaching?

Unlike the classic advice, "what should you do", in coaching there is no solution dictated by your coach, we use a technique based on structured conversations between you and your coach, with the aim of making an evaluation about your personal competences and perspectives, even suggestions for your self-reflection, to improve either your interpersonal relationships or deprogram negative behavior patterns, which only stop your development potential or the reach of your goals.

COACHING always aims to promote self-reflection, perception, awareness and responsibility, in order to activate self-help.

  • How does it work?

During the Coaching sessions, your coach acts as a critical and neutral counterpart, that together with you analyzes and uses your tools and abilities, to reach the objective stated in the session.

My task as a coach is to accompany you and stimulate you to think, to perceive things from another point of view, to restructure and initiate change processes independently, which will help you enrich and improve your life.


You choose the path, you make your own decisions! Because in INTEGRAL COACHING transparent interventions are handled and there isn't any manipulation technique allowed. 

  • What tools are used in Integral Coaching?

Through the use of several modern methods such as the NPL (Neuro-linguistic Programming), the holistic method and concepts of classical psychology. Together with your tools, ideas, resources, and knowledge, we look for alternatives, new ways and solutions to situations in which you feel stuck or do not know how to begin to solve.
In itself, the Integral Coaching part of the scoop that, each one of us has innumerable tools, which, sometimes are filed in our subconscious and we are not able to recognize them. I as your Coach, I help you to potentiate this treasure that you carry inside you so that you can improve your life and, therefore, satisfy your human needs and be happier!

  • Who is integral coaching for?

For all people and for all ages. My training is aimed at people who want to improve their lives and who want to finally identify their feelings and take their needs. It is also ideal for people who want to organize their ideas and have the intention to reach a certain goal or better manage a situation.

  • In which situation can integral coaching help me?

In the personal area:

I feel a total dissatisfaction and I do not know why.

I want to feel more enthusiasm for life.

I need clarity and guidance.

I want to achieve a personal goal.

I want to fulfill a very precious dream.

I have something to process, but I can not do it alone / alone.

I want to make a decision and do not know how.

I feel constantly exhausted and only work instead of living.

In the relationships area:

I want to start a new relationship based on love, respect, and self-esteem.

I want my relationship to be more harmonious.

I want to give my relationship a new opportunity.

I want to understand and appease my jealousy.

I just finished a relationship and now I wonder where I can start over.

I want to overcome the anguish.

In the professional area ...

I consider reorienting myself professionally.

I am successful at work, but I wonder if my position still satisfies me enough.

I am no longer satisfied with my work and finally, I want to change things.

I lost my job and I want to reorient my professional career.

I am looking for a job and I need assistance in the application process.

I want to simulate a job interview to be more confident about it.

I want to increase my chances in the labor market.

I feel like I'm about to run out; I am in the middle of a crisis and I want to prevent a crisis.

I want to overcome my exhaustion.

  • What is the difference between integral coaching and psychological counseling or therapy?

Primarily a Coach works with you to develop the skills you already have. Together they design strategies to get the most out of you, to unlock your full potential. Coaching mainly helps in topics such as ways of thinking and acting, such as restrictive beliefs, lack of confidence, lack of assertiveness, doubts, and self-sabotage, etc. And as an intrinsic characteristic, the Coachee makes decisions for itself. In conclusion, a Coach is like a personal companion that encourages self-help and a consultant always gives his advice and personal perspective.

  • What is the coaching process?

During the sessions, I define together with you your objectives and develop with you strategies using your abilities and tools to achieve them.
The main tool to achieve this is to ask you questions with background, which will help us get to the heart of the matter. This means that I listen to you attentively and actively, but I also ask you specific questions and, depending on the situation, I will also use all the methods at my disposal to optimize this discovery process.
I encourage you to think and reflect during our coaching sessions, to inspire yourself and perhaps also to change the perspective of the way you see things.
This inspires self-reflection and is a process that follows its path at its own pace. That is a completely individual process.

  • How do I measure the success of my coaching?

In the first place, the coach and the coachee establish goals and objectives, which are worked in a certain period of time, in which the coachee is committed to achieving those goals. Once the objectives are established, both the coach and the coachee go through the necessary strategies and actions that will make it easier for the coachee to achieve these desired and established objectives. Success is in you as Coachee, in carrying out the commitments and pursuing the goals agreed with your Coach.

  • How many meetings do you need?

The advantage of coaching is that you can successfully work on a topic in just a few sessions. As a general rule, a training process involves 3 to 10 units. It is always about the achievement of a jointly defined objective.
I offer you personal coaching too, for 3, 6 and up to 12 months.

  • How long is a Coaching session?

Depending on the modality agreed in advance, the sessions are 60, 90 or up to 180 minutes each; depending on the issue and the situation of the Coachee.

  • Where do the coaching sessions take place?

The sessions take place in my training room in Manhattan.


We can also take them outdoors and let ourselves be enlightened by nature, which exerts great strength and is a great source of inspiration!

  • How do we start?

After contacting me, we have a conversation, either personal or telephone, during which you will be able to notice and feel if there is a connection between me as a Coach and you as a Coachee.
The preliminary talk lasts about 30 minutes and, of course, is free.

  • In which languages ​​is it possible to do the integral coaching?

I offer you my Coaching in 4 languages, in German, Spanish, Italian and of course in English. I am also trained as a language teacher, so I have the linguistic ability to listen and accompany you during your coaching process.

  • Where do I come from and what is my story?

I was born in Mexico City, and after completing my basic education, I moved to the City of Hamburg Germany, where I studied the History of Art and Linguistics at the University of Hamburg.
From here, I have lived in many countries both the American Continent, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. I have also lived in New Zealand and I trained as a coach at the Living Sense Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, where I lived with my husband for 5 years, before moving to the United States.

  • What inspired me to be a Coach?

Like all people, I have survived several storms in my life (divorce, loss of employment, serious illnesses in the family, changes of the continent, home). Throughout these experiences, I have learned that the answers to these life situations are within yourself. And Coaching is the most useful tool I know to develop skills, optimize life processes and achieve higher personal, spiritual and professional goals.
Coaching has given me a lot and has strengthened and promoted me personally in a way that has positively changed my point of view and my attitude, and has completely convinced me. So much that I decided to enter this study and certify myself as a coach.

  • Where did I train myself as a coach?

My career as a Coach is quite rich. Beginning as a Coach of learning mathematics, languages and sports from an early age. Sometime later I trained as "Train the Trainer" in Germany, as well as Personal Coach, I continued as a Language Coach and I had the satisfaction of finishing my degree as International Coach at the Living Sense Institute in the City of Zurich in beautiful Switzerland.

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