My experience

Elizabeth, the treasure hunter


"Each of us is a power plant, we have indescribable resources!"


Like Marshall B. Rosenberg, I am convinced that every one of us carries within us an inner light and a divine wisdom that knows your life perfectly, can make any decision and knows the way and way of healing.


From our first years, many of us have been conditioned to believe that the answer lies outside of us! In coaching, I have rediscovered an effective way to, not only find that inner wisdom but also to communicate with it. This unique and individual voice promotes self-acceptance and helps you to seek out the meaning of events from within and take responsibility for your own life!

My job as a coach is to facilitate this journey and help you find that treasure and release that nuclear power plant, improve your life, and achieve personal fulfillment in every way.


About me ... Born in Mexico City, studied linguistics, languages, art history and other disciplines in Germany. I have collected my life experience in different countries in Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania. Switzerland has a special meaning to me, not only has offered me great life gifts - including a wonderful partner - but also the opportunity to train myself as a "Dipl. Coach Personality & Lifestyle" in the renowned Living Sense Coaching Institute, my alma mater in coaching.


Since the summer of 2019, I have found my new home in New York City, where my coaching studio 'Live Up! Integral Coaching ' is located and I also operate as Director of the Living Sense Coaching Institute New York.


... and you, how do you want to use this power potential?

N. Elizabeth Rojas

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