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  • Do you have to make a decision and don't know which way to go?

It is always difficult to choose between two or more paths. Even if you try to keep in mind the cons and the pros, after a while it gets really confusing and on the other hand, you might  lose perspective or even uncover reality, with your Coach’s support and some  Life Coaching Decision-Making Models, you will be able to concentrate your attention onto real key areas, which will provide you an in-depth understanding of your situation, life, and circumstances. This awareness will then help you to make the most effective decision moving forward.  

After having evaluated all the matters about the decision making, you will know when what to do!

  • Do you live a conflict situation and don't find a healthy way of communication?

We all have different needs and we all have different ways of satisfying these needs. Conflict begins when we communicate these in a non-effective way or we even take for granted, that the counterperson will understand us in a sort of “mind reading”, let’s say, we have thoughts such as: “She/He knows me for a long time, how can she/he do not do things the way I like them!”.

Another example is a typical relationship conflict, where needs are not expressed clearly:

“You are never home, I cooked you dinner and it gets always cold, you are so unconsidered!”

(When the real message behind the lines is: I want you to spend more time with me, I feel lonely and I want you to show me you care)

  • Do you live a difficult situation in the professional or private sphere?

We all know, we cannot change people, but we can change the way we react to these people! Learn how can you manage a difficult situation or a rough work relationship. Yes, I know, your first thought will be: Impossible! No one can deal with my boss!

Learn to change your perspective and at the same time, to get to know you better, then if someone pushes your buttons, it is your task to investigate why do you react so allergically to certain comments, ideas or orders. At the end of these coachings you will be able to “live with that” though in a very positive and calm way.

  • Do you feel that your life has no meaning anymore?

People come to me asking, why do I believe in Coaching mire than in therapy. My answer is just simple: When you do a coaching, you take responsibility for your own life, your own feelings and the perception of life. The “Threesome Game” of victim, perpetrator and Saver has no chance to survive! Yes, we all have had lived painful and sometimes or what we feel are ‘irreparable damages ‘, try a coaching session and feel the difference!

How does it work? By observing the situation, the people involved and the wrongdoings from different angles and perspectives. Very healing.

  • Do you want to reach your maximum potential and optimize your life?

Typical situation: Your colleague, who is less capable of doing the job has been offered the position you were longing to. Frustration, anger, disappointment and sadness are the feelings you experience.

Another similar situation: You are competing for the same position at the same time with other 2 or 3 colleagues, you know you are the best option for the job…but, how do you show that? Explore your infinitesimal potential during a coaching session, learn how to introduce yourself in order to impress and leave a marc, then you got it in you but maybe you are not sure how to present yourself.

  • Do you want to improve your health, your diet, your figure and your image?

Recently I have participated in one of my boot Camps in order to figure out, how to increase effectivity while exercising, fasting and dieting. I came to the conclusion that, you need, not only, to keep yourself motivated, but also, to get to know you better and go deep inside your thoughts, in order to comprehend your patterns and habits. What I mean, to really know why suddenly your mind elaborates all these negative thoughts about yourself, your body and your life!

Coaching will help you to keep focused and highly motivated, while recognizing, talking and making peace with the, let’s say, ‘pessimistic subpersonality’ in you. Or even analysing the well-known ‘food=reward’ pattern or the “you are not worth it, keep getting bigger”.

Coaching will help you to stop carrying this heavy weight!

  • Do you want to improve your physical training program?

Boost your training and your motivation at the same time! Profit from my long experience as a competitive athlete, combined with updated nutrition tuition, neurolinguistics methods and coaching. Learn how to reprogram your brain, in order to achieve the -until now- unachievable!

  • Do you need to understand, accept and leave behind painful experiences?

How can you achieve that?! Integral Coaching is the key to a painful and traumatic experienced. Different than therapy, you get to the core of your pain and through a systemic method you identify the PAIN and you, believe it or not, make pace with it and with the wrongdoer. Life is too short and too precious to carry every single moment of your priceless life, a heavy painful, hateful, humiliating burden!

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